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Welcome to the ruins of Australia!

The day when the desperate Australian government sold a great part of desert continent to Cerbero – an international megacorporation – was the beginning of the end. In the most remote of places the Company built advanced laboratories reaching with their tentacles of steel corridors and burning reactor chambers into the deepest recesses of earth. Cerbero’s military forces effectively replaced Australian army and police. The country was secured by an antimissile system that was supposed to protect citizens, but in truth was used by the Company to guard it from its many corporate rivals.

However, the moment a few secret facilities were torn apart by unexplainable nuclear explosions, the whole intricate technological structure that had been built for decades by Cerbero fell apart like a house of cards. And with it the civilization as we knew it ceased to exist…

In Waste Knights 2-4 players become heroes of a post-apocalyptic world – vagabonds travelling through and trying to survive in the desolate wasteland of Australia, a country ravaged by war and unnatural disasters. Each player gains Reputation and strives to win by accomplishing tasks as well as facing deadly enemies and treacherous weather, hoping to fulfill one of 5 varied missions that set a narrative background for the game.

Gather your friends, choose one of 13 different characters, tank your vehicle, ready your weapons and head into the Waste to experience the most dangerous adventure of your life. Manage ever-dwindling resources, explore the changeable game board, fight strange inhabitants of Australia and earn the right to call yourself a true Waste knight!


Players: 2-4     Age: 16+     Game Time: 90-180 min.


Box contents:



Mission Book

Modular, hexagonal Game Board:

  • 1 Central Board Tile (5-hex tile)
  • 32 Board Tiles (1-hex tiles)

1 Mission Tile (1-hex tile)

6 Board Frame Pieces

13 Knight Sheets

13 Knight Markers

2 Villain Markers

4 Player Boards in 4 colors (amber, blue, red, yellow) with:

  • 4 Fuel Indicators in matching colors
  • 4 Radiation Indicators in matching colors
  • 8 Plastic Connectors

8 Ammo Markers in 4 colors (amber, blue, red, yellow)

8 Health Markers in 4 colors (amber, blue, red, yellow)

1 Reference Sheet

117 Other Markers and Tokens, including:

  • 20 Player Markers, 5 in 4 colors (amber, blue, red, yellow), including 4 Reputation Markers
  • 1 Waster Marker
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 1 Dominance Marker
  • 1 Range Marker
  • 16 General Markers
  • 6 Health Loss Tokens (3 with -1/-2 values, 2 with -1/-3 values, 1 with -1/-5 values)
  • 4 Dice Modifier Tokens (dice gained/suffered)
  • 14 Route Tokens
  • 14 Radiation/Contamination Tokens
  • 14 Threat/Move Obstacles Tokens
  • 6 Vehicle Damage Tokens
  • 6 Task Tokens, 2 in 3 colors (green, orange, purple)
  • 3 Special Tokens (nuked, pills, reboot)
  • 2 Large Mission Markers
  • 6 Small Mission Markers
  • 1 Mission Supremacy Marker

110 Large-sized Cards, including:

  • 44 Wasteland Cards
  • 27 Task Cards
  • 10 Combat Cards in 2 decks of 5 cards (red, blue)
  • 3 Range Cards
  • 26 Luck Cards

110 Small-sized Cards, including:

  • 46 Green Gear Cards
  • 25 Yellow Gear Cards
  • 14 Red Gear Cards
  • 13 Blue Gear Cards, including 1 Vehicle Card
  • 12 Vehicle Cards

6 10-sided Dice

5 Plastic Bases


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