The base set of Waste Knights the Board Game features 13 original characters for players to enter the Waste. Each has flaws and merits, each has a strong, personal motivation to travel the ruins of Australia.


Chris Hammersworn, The Preacher

Chris Hammersworn_klecha_final_small


David Mayhem, The Mercenary

David Mayhem_najemnik_final_small


Eric Bane, The Scientist

Eric Bane_naukowiec_final_small


Geoffrey Goldrush, The Trader

Geoffrey Goldrush_handlarz_final_small


Guy Piercing, The Judge

Guy Piercing_sedzia_final_small


Heat Leisure, The Cook

Heat Leisure_kucharz_final_small


Hugh Jackal, The Tracker

Hugh Jackal_tropiciel_final_small


Kate Blanksheet, The Stalker

Kate Blanksheet_stalker_final_small


Mel Gearson, The Road Warrior

Mel Gearson_wojownik szos_final_small


Michael Paine, The Urban Samurai

Michael Paine_miejski samuraj_final_small


Naomi Vatt, The Mechanic

Naomi Vatt_mechanik_final_small


Nicole Killman, The Huntress

Nicole Killman_lowczyni_final_small


Russel Crown, The Gladiator

Russel Crown_gladiator_final_small