The Official Page is now available!

Welcome to the Official Page of the postapocalyptic setting of Waste Knights! Feel free to learn about the game, comment and rate it on BoardGameGeek and other gaming forums.

Check the rest of the page to fin more information about the setting, web expansions and other content.


3 Replies to “The Official Page is now available!”

  1. Christopher Dement

    As a fan since childhood of Wasteland, Mad Max, Gamma World, and even campy cheese such as Zardoz, I have to say that I cannot wait to find some way to get my hands on this game. Unless I missed something on BGG, I’m wishing you success in finding distrubution in the US!

  2. Blake

    My brother picked up a couple of copies at Essen and is going to send me one to Melbourne, Australia. So excited!! Love the theme and setting (obviously)


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